Union Microfinance

Union Microfinance Company Limited (UMCL) is a non-banking finance company registered under the license issued in terms of rule 5(6) of the non-banking finance companies (establishment & regulation) Rules, 2003 (NBFC Rules). UMCL was established in July 2021 with the mission to tap the unbanked population and bring them into the ambit of financial inclusion. As financial access translates into prosperity and reducing poverty, Union Microfinance has taken up the challenge to reach out to the marginalized segment of the country’s vast population with a special focus on women, especially those working in the cottage industry, across the country.

Union Microfinance provides innovative digital lending solutions through real-time credit disbursements: from customers’ onboarding to disbursement and collection. This way, Union Microfinance aims to not only simplify and eradicate the time-consuming hurdles in loan disbursements, but also to effectively market their products to the target market.